Orlando Mortgage Broker – 3 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

As an Orlando mortgage broker, I know that people who are looking to purchase a home have a wide variety of options when it comes to who they chose to work with.

Throughout my career as a professional in the mortgage industry, I have found that many people are confused about the differences between mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and others in the industry. These people often miss out on the great benefits of working with a mortgage broker because they just don’t know any better.

I understand that making the decision about who will be helping you with the largest financial decision of your life can feel intimidating and I want to help take some of that stress off your shoulders. Below, you will find three of the top reasons to use a mortgage broker when securing the financing you need for the purchase of your new home. Each of these reasons shines some light onto the benefits of working with a mortgage professional, like myself, and will hopefully give you a better understanding of what you could expect from me as your mortgage broker.

Reasons to use a mortgage broker Orlando

1 – Clients are Number One

Mortgage brokers put their clients first. The only way mortgage brokers can stay in business is by making sure they are finding the best mortgage options for their clients. This means that you can trust that your concerns and financial goals will be their top priority. I work closely with each and every client, giving them access to my extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and my undivided attention.

2 – Home Loan Experts

Many lenders and larger financial institutions are limited by the types of loans they offer to their clients or by their lack of experience with home loans. As an Orlando mortgage broker, I specialized in mortgages and have become an expert on home loans over the years.

3 – Networking

Mortgage brokers are also experts at networking and usually have access to a large network of reputable lenders that they often work closely with. Using these connections is what helps mortgage brokers get their clients the most competitive mortgage rates and terms so they no longer have to dread conducting research or negotiating with lenders.

If you are purchasing a home and want access to the latest mortgage product options and the most competitive interest rates, look no further than the Harper Mortgage Team! Give me a call today so you can experience first-hand the benefits of working with an experienced and dedicated Orlando mortgage broker.

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